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We are dedicated to Ecological protection. Located in China bamboo hometown-Anji, We are one of few largest & reliable manufacturers specialized in designing, manufacturing and exporting eco-friendly bamboo products, including bamboo towels, bamboo bathrobes, bamboo apparels ,bamboo fiber baby wear and other home textiles made from bamboo fiber and bamboo charcoal. We believe in Sc
[8-31] babies' bamboo fiber clothing will be soon on sale
[8-13] New size 20*20cm, popular in international market
[7-20] new product:small towel 30*60cm/65g
[7-20] 3 more color choices for towels and bath towels ea
[7-20] New dish towels& kitchen cloth come into market
[7-14] 7th China consumer Goods Fair well finished
[7-14] 16th China(Shenzhen) International toys & gifts Fa
[12-28] Welcome to visit out website
Bamboo fibre infomations
Evolvement process
6 characters of bamboo fiber
As one kind of regenerated cellulose fibre, bamboo fibre takes natural bamboo as its raw material and refines by high technology. Having kept bamboo¨s tenacity, flexibility, abrasion resistance and softness , it has been one kind of latest green textile material , with no chemistr      >>more
What's good for bamboo fabric?
WHAT IS GOOD FOR BAMBOO FABRICS Better for yourselves Fabric made from bamboo is incredibly soft Bamboo fabric is smooth and luxuriously comfortable Bamboo Dry absorbs and evaporates sweat in a split second. It does not stick to the skin. It is extraordinary natural breathabil      >>more
Characters of bamboo charcoal
1.Soothe the nerves: infrared produced by the bamboo charcoal promotes human body blood circulation, active brain cell and snoothe the nerves. 2.Anion effect: the anion in bamboo charcoal is penetrable which could relax nerves, purify air and cur      >>more
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